Project Description

apartment G4

private Customer

features: art deco characteristics, unique marble wall, separating kitchen area, bulthaup kitchen

size: 63m2

ljubljana, slovenia

G4 is a unique project we developed at a private residence apartment in Ljubljana and it surely become a stunning attraction. Originally 3 bedrooms with a particularly small bathroom. This 73 square meter apartment is now a 1 bedroom apartment with a much more spacious modernly designed bathroom, and an open space living room/dining room with unique black marble wall separating the kitchen area. The original vintage windows still remain however they have been refurbished to complement the beautiful view of Ljubljana castle and open courtyard of the building as well as the apartments high ceilings.

The modern bathroom was constructed with white marble walls and floor. The bathroom was also designed with glass mirrors covering the whole ceiling really opening up the space. The bathroom reflectins all the natural light and plants giving you a feeling of practicing your daily rituals in the tropics. Also flooded with of natural light the living room/dining room and kitchen space walls have been added a beautiful paneling that travels around the whole room in 3 lines parallel to the windows. The doors around the apartment have been redesigned with rectangular squares giving them the whole apartment a touch of art decor period when the building was constructed. The bedroom has been relocated to where the kitchen was located previously, and the opposite wall of the window is covered in mirrors reflecting the natural light where 5 green wardrobes occupy the longest wall. The corridor entrance is also filled with mirrors which help define the entrance to the living room space where the walls have been designed with a beautiful curve instead with ordinary edge walls, giving it a very spacious feeling.

The apartment was designed to bring a very modernistic and and elegant look. The project was completed late 2019.

floor plan

The bathroom was completely redesigned. The anteroom and extra room was opened up to create a much more open living space and expand the kitchen space.