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ceramic wine bottle holder designed by SADAR+VUGA.

*this item may be available in different variations (colors, size, and/or materials), please submit an inquiry for more information.

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product description

Helga wine bottle holder was developed primarily for a private apartment in Belgrade / Serbia. the idea was to design modular but at the same time the unique piece of furniture for storing and displaying wine bottles. the prime element of the modular structure is made of glazed ceramic manufactured locally at the small workshop in Slovenia. Prime elements come in the range of different natural colors. the decorative illustrations on some elements are hand painted. Helga wine bottle holder can be assembled in different sizes: first, it can be used as the small freestanding unit when prime elements are connected with steel elements. the other possible use would be to design large wall surfaces or furniture elements. in those cases, prime elements are placed within the wooden frame or they can be directly attached to the wall.

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