carpet / Vintage 4536

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handmade carpets from Turkey.

*this item may be available in different variations (colors, size, and/or materials), please submit an inquiry for more information.

available on backorder


product description

Old handmade carpets are collected from different cities, towns and villages in Turkey. After collecting, they arrive to our place of manufacturing. The carpets are shaved and make them ready to be washed by special shampoos to disinfect. After that, they are separated into groups based on colors and some made ready to be dyed. After the dying of carpets, it takes 3-4 days to get dry. When the carpets are ready, they get imported from Istanbul. based on the customers, the edge and fringes get fixed.

The most important point of distressed rugs is very used look. Thanks to special shaving by our experts, it gives them Retro style. and they all look different than each other. The product is suitable with contemporary and classic concepts.our products are suitable for people who are looking 100% wool handmade carpet in affordable prices. They are used in homes, offices, shops, hotels and exhibition areas.

Handmade and Hancrafted in Turkey.

additional information

dimensions 195 × 296 cm

100% wool

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