swing / Hi Konjiček

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children’s swing designed by Mateja Panter in Jožica Curk.

*this item may be available in different variations (colors, size, and/or materials), please submit an inquiry for more information.

in stock (can be backordered)


product description

The  HI KONJIČEK swing  visually expresses its past, it is designed according to the model from 1956 with modern principles of re: use, re: design, re: think. New materials and technologies enable original shapes and original products, and a well-thought-out selection of finishes and paintings also appeals to a more demanding audience. Finally, it is again available for children to choose their color and make fun of it, and for adults to put their favorite book on it. For small children a toy, for large children an object of desire, an object of beauty, a piece of art , a fetish,… Hi the hobby is a rocking hobby that brings the mischievous smile of childhood back to life.

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