After spending so much time at home during these times, you are invited to visit id:doma. Re-opening our doors on Monday, April 20 - of course, taking into account all preventive protective measures in accordance with the instructions of the NIJZ.

Our working days remain unchanged: you are invited to visit us from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 19.00 and on Saturday between 10.00 and 13.00. For all questions, inquiries, or to schedule an appointment you can reach us at 01 426 9030, or via e-mail address

Although you are always welcome at home(id:doma), at the same time we kindly ask you not to leave your home in case of any signs of illness. Before entering the salon, customers must wear a protective mask or other form of protection of the oral and nasal areas and disinfect their hands, and the salon must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters between customers.

Stay healthy, Stay curious.

changes everything...

The design options with USM Haller and its modular light components are as individual as your wardrobe.‎ Whether it outfits a walk-in closet or functions as a standalone piece in your bedroom or shop, USM makes a good impression when it comes to filing, storing and presenting.‎ Fully customized to your personal needs.‎

Energy flows through the supporting structure to any desired place in your furniture.‎ 

Wireless, dimmable, energy-efficient, modular.‎ Light is more than just a pretty shine.‎

It brightens, gives warmth, sharpens our perception.‎ It also inherently changes things.‎ Light and energy are now integral components of USM Modular Furniture Haller, illuminating the path to your creative potential.‎ Put the things you love in a new light!

The power supply is revolutionary: It is cable-free.‎ Thanks to refinements of the ball, connector, and tube, the power flow is integrated into the furniture structure.‎ The light and USB inserts, which are snapped into place flush with the tube, are practically invisible when turned off.‎

What is intriguing is the variety of uses – the light inserts can illuminate the furniture itself or the room it is in, while the practical USB charger powers mobile devices.‎ The innovative e-Elements cast the classic in a brand new light.‎ Be creative!

We are extremely pleased to announce we are working together with CASTELBEL, a Portuguese manufacturer of high-quality bath, body, and home scented products, carefully and beautifully handcrafted. This a new product for us and we are happy have it available in our showroom. Come by our showroom and check out these amazing products you won’t regret it.

ostanite radovedni(stay curious) ; a trait, a characteristic, an attitude of a man who is eager to learn all about how beautiful it is to live // the desire to know, to learn things that are not necessarily necessary to know and to weave a better everyday life with them// expr; curiosity overcame her again; due to his curiosity he is never bored / her eyes light up from her curiosity// style; to fall curiously, to stay and to look curiously at something // cf; id:doma(id:home)

Welcome to id:doma Ljubljana, this carefully designed volume of space sits at the crossroads of Gregorciceva and Slovenska cesta in a glass mezzanine, Ravnikar's copy of the Slovenian Modern.

We are an architectural office and interior design salon that has been carefully filled with selected interior of many modern and contemporary classics with the purpose of identifying the showroom as home(id:doma translated to id:home). Due to its multi-purpose play, id:doma(id:home) became a living experience for regular clients and passers-by.

Take time to visit, live the experience, and chat with us the experts.

We are look forward to assisting you every working day between 10 to 19. Appointments are also available.