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stay curious; a trait, a characteristic, an attitude of a man who is eager to learn all about how beautiful it is to live // the desire to know, to learn things that are not necessarily necessary to know and to weave a better everyday life with them// expr; curiosity overcame her again; due to his curiosity he is never bored / her eyes light up from her curiosity// style; to fall curiously, to stay and to look curiously at something // cf; id:doma(id:home)

Stay curious.

The design options with USM Haller E and its modular light components are as individual as your wardrobe.

Whether it outfits a walk-in closet or functions as a standalone piece in your bedroom or shop, USM makes a good impression when it comes to filing, storing and presenting. Fully customized to your personal needs.

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Seating on the Shadowy chair made using woven threads normally used for fishing nets, the designs are all different and original, like their names. Handwoven, they are human in their imperfections and flaws.

bulthaup b3 gives you the freedom to let your design ideas and dreams be fully realized. You can create your living space with a variety of hand-selected materials that match the character of the space and the people that live in it.

Hand finished forms harmonize with human ergonomics and the surrounding architecture. b3’s precisely engineered functionality works simply and perfectly. This freedom of design continues right down to the finest kitchen detail.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The multi-function wall creates storage space, supports functions such as the water point, and connects the furniture with the room; this spatial connection is tangible when the wall supports hanging elements. The result is the appearance of a floating kitchen.

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The Gliss Master wardrobe system has been enriched with a new type of door featuring an ingenious opening mechanism: Sistema 7. Sistema 7 is particularly suitable for corner solutions or as an opening in walk-in wardrobes, acting as a partition between the spaces in front of or in a wardrobe placed in the centre of a room or as access to a different room.

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